My One And Only Crack @ Fashion Photography (Smoker’s Addiction).

I’m connected! After moving last month and having to wait almost 5 weeks to get connected back to net. It feels like I have been reunited with my long-lost childhood love. To celebrate… Continue reading

Phoenix Rising.

After going to a masterclass given by Jason Fulton of  This Memento at No Limit (Bijlmer en Zo) about Consumer research and brand strategy. We stayed and chatted a bit after with Angelo Bromet and his lovely… Continue reading

The Power Circle.

My blog was supposed to be about photography and writing but all I’ve been doing is posting updates about my photography so I’m back to writing and I’m starting it off with ”… Continue reading

The Lead Singer Of Black Citizen.

2/4 Of Black Citizen. Kenneth & Franklin.

Two portraits from a shoot I did with music band Black Citizen.

American War Propaganda: Ms. Liberty & A Still.

I’m going to finish it the way I started this project with Lil’ Ms. RiRi this time as Ms. Liberty giving the French Salute. I mean Ms. Liberty was given to the USA… Continue reading