My One And Only Crack @ Fashion Photography (Smoker’s Addiction).

I’m connected! After moving last month and having to wait almost 5 weeks to get connected back to net. It feels like I have been reunited with my long-lost childhood love. To celebrate my return back to society, I decided to put up another old shoot of mine with the theme: addiction. It was a little something I shot in November 2011.

I don’t even remember how it went down but I was just a small time photographer (I still am BTW) got a chance to work with the upcoming model Anton van der Sluis if you don’t know him just Google him. It was fun using him as target practice. It felt like I barely had to give him pointers, matter of fact I don’t think I did at all! He’s a very laid back dude and he was very open to try a few things. We tried two different themes and in the end I chose the first theme as I was more satisfied with the results of the first one. Let’s just say that second theme involved broken mirrors. Maybe I’ll put them up in the near future.

For the record he’s not really addicted to smoking.

In the meantime enjoy the “Smoker’s Addiction” mini story. Hopefully the pictures are enough to tell the story (a little hint is his cravings slowly starts to build up until he finally gives in to the addiction) Comments and feedback are welcome! As this has been my only “fashion” type shoot I’ve done.